Blog en el que el alumnado del máster de Lenguas Extranjeras de la Universidad de Córdoba publica el resultado final de dos de las tareas: Elaboración de microactividades comunicativas basadas en el PEL y secuencias de currículum integrado.

jueves, 13 de abril de 2017

CLIL SEQUENCE: Día Mundial de la Salud

Día mundial de la salud

By: Ángel Herrera Álvarez
Carmen Magdaleno Sánchez
Pilar Marín Molina

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  1. This is a stunning CLIL sequence, not only for the number of subjects involved but also for the process of tasks students have to carry on in order to announce the result of their research.
    Students´creativity is fuelled by the design of a final public event in which all the community is invited to know their work on an important topic for everybody, health.
    I would consider not only evaluation criteria for language subjects but also for content ones. Remember, an integrated unit begins with the observance to the specific objectives of subjects. So, evaluation criteria must checked that those objectives are achieved.
    Good job!!